What’s Love

Music By ChapterWhat’s Love Lyrics

So tell me what’s love
It’s a late night phone call
just to tell ya boy you turned on


It’s a short skirt no panties
Wiggle on me in the line at Starbucks


It’s the way you tell me deeper
when we talkin bout life


It’s the late night feelin right
do it any typa way I like

You don’t mind if I say so
You always down to get paid too
Money number one but I’m a close 2
And you always bring it home like you Supposed to

You the cream to my coffee
make the temperature right
You The lean in my swagga
Baby do it how you know I like

You the pop to my cycle
Fickle when it comes to ice
You’re the jewels in the sword
in the hand of a knight baby ima killa
Baby ima killa
Baby ima killa
And id kill fa you

So tell me what’s love
Is it just like this

It’s the way you hold my hand in
between ya legs sayin mmm hmm


It’s the way you tell me hold up
this a perfect spot to get it on


All the ways you let em know that
I’m the one on the throne

That look in your eye
when I’m off on a tangent I’m gone

We do those deep conversations
You know The ones with no talkin
No words left to say So
touchin’s the only option

You the shine to a goddess
You the rose to my garden
You never gotta question If I
Ever hafta get it poppin baby ima killa

I don’t hafta wonder if your down
or not
You know I’m the one and that’s the game
on lock
They can’t touch me now that I’m on fire
Thas hot
You keep on like that I’ll make you beg me
to stop

That’s love

Ya it’s this ya it’s this