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Who is Chapter?

Music has always been a place of peace for me. When I was younger I begged my parents to buy me instruments all the time, only to be met with doubt and criticism. Granted, at the time I was a little scattered, jumping from one idea to the next but as I got older the passion grew. It was Christmas in 2000, right before the world was supposed to end, when my dad finally caved and bought me a guitar.

Fast forward a few years and my brother had finally graduated from high school. Being young and impressionable he found himself in front of a screen taking in all that was the movie "Hustle & Flow". It was less than 24 hours later that he pitched the idea to try hip hop and I begrudgingly agreed.

As we begun to explore the vast horizons of what Hip Hop music had to offer it quickly became clear that we needed to brand ourselves. Enter, KNU. A neighbor at the time, also a bit of a rapper and we quickly became close. Over the next few years we would shape out what would fondly be known as the "Nerds In Cool Clothing" era.

Eventually we all grew up, got married, and started having kids. My brother and KNU explored other callings while I continued down the solo career path. After only a couple years being married, a child in the house, and a collapsing "Record Label" I found myself in the midst of a sketchy divorce. This lead me to a string of projects that allowed me to explore the complexity of the micro emotions I was dealing with during this challenging time. In the wake of the aftermath I would go on to create four full length albums.

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Love Story

Chasing Eden



So What's Next?

Elevator Gang

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