Music By ChapterWave Lyrics

I’m so done with this rap shit
But that don’t mean that I’m quitin
I mean I’m tired of the politics
The who’s who is who sucked who’s dick
And you bitches dismissed
That’s No class
Ya you got some nice tits
And a lil ass

But you don’t hold it down
You just some hood rats
I’d put you hoes to work
If this was still the past

I’m seein future moves
No time to wait for you
We just have different goals
We live by different rules

I’m out here on the bricks
You out here claimin sets
I’m out here pushin reps
I’m up here on these jets

I’m sorry mama ya I know
you tried to warn me
The holy ghost and god above me
please don’t come before I’m ready

I got a list of regrets
about as long as a novel
I built a house of cards
And watched the mafucka topple

I’m mad…..
I thought my life was different
Man I really didn’t get it
fuck I thought I had it handled

And now they tryna savvy up
Thinkin I didn’t see it comin
I had it in the wind
Along with deuces that I’m chuckin

Fuck it
What more can I say
You can’t get blood from a stone
That’s why I live this way
I’m on an island by myself
the sharks are in the waves
I ride at night because it’s quiet
I don’t like to see em fade

But I stay pastel
Matte finish if it’s overseas
I got a longer wish list
So regrets I oversee it

…You see those idols
…ya I’m tryna be it
The way the work recycles
do you think I’ll ever leave it

I’m sorry baby
did you really think I need ya?
I’m doin just fine
without the paranoia creepin

Can you believe it
They said just leave it
So here to every fuckin
one of you who couldn’t see it

It’s not enough to be great
I wanna stay true
It’s gettin tougher to wait
Credit where it’s due

I’m done doubting myself
That’s all I do
I’m done fuckin wit
side bitches and number twos

I’m done sayin I’m done playin
I can’t lose
What’s one say when ones days
is colored blue

one time came by so it’s
the pen for ma dude
We losin soldiers out here
It doesn’t make the news

I got a heavy heart
I think it’s killin me
I’m losin sleep at night
Seein the kids in streets

The wrinkles in time
hide pain and the scars
Until you hear me on records
And you relate who you are

But we are not the same
I don’t fit in the crowd
There’s way too much of me
to fit in such a small crown

I am not a king I swear I
feel like a god
And if you put me in the ground
I’ll come back and rule em all

You see the struggle
that I’m facin with this
If I stay too humble
they don’t take me serious

If I show you the real me
Can I trust you with it
I know I’m fucked up
I’m just comin to grips

I realize I’m unlovable
But that don’t mean that I’ll quit
I’m just tired that’s all
I’m just sick of this shit

Don’t let em see you cry
Hold it in until they leave
Here’s to every fuckin one of you
who weren’t around to see it