Music By Chapter Uncertain Lyrics

I’m feeling a little uncertain
If I’m totally honest baby I’m nervous
I don’t wanna hurt ya
But I don’t know if this is working
No it’s not you it’s really really not you
I swear that it’s me no it’s not you
My ex did me so wrong I don’t know if loves true
And I’m sorry if that’s wrong but I don’t know you

Howma sposta give you anything you could be just like her
Howma choking up on every word your just a new girl
Why my heart up in my throat I don’t know why it hurts
dunno how this works anymore I am confused girl

I’m feeling so high off you
and I don’t wanna come down
don’t wanna come down no

My mind keeps saying don’t fuck up a good thing
My hearts been drumin up a different beat
I’ve been down this road I know these streets
Their filled with broken hearts despair and defeat

How can I believe you ain’t too good to be true
How can you be everything I want and so into it
Intuitive gratuitous and most important influence
Every little decision for my future with you in it

The uncertainty’s killing me whys love so full of pain
Can we be together through it all weather the reign
A king on a throne all I need is a queen
That won’t stab me in the back the minute that it rains

I’m feeling so high off you
and I don’t wanna come down
don’t wanna come down no

So you say that I’m the one like you been looking fa me
What do you want girl I don’t have nothin to give
You talk about love like it’s a brand new thing
And I wasted all mine on the wrong bitch

If this is more than lust how far will you go
The places I am headed are reserved for the bold
If we had all the time we could take things slow
But the minute I’m away I’m still afraid you won’t

Wanna see me again but every time is like the first
I love you I hate her I don’t know what’s worse
The way I’m back and forth baby you don’t Deserve it
Love should be love and it shouldn’t be work


That’s all I’m used to but with you it’s cool
I can be me and you can be you
And together it’s magic
I’m lost inside you and I’m so