Too Many

Music By ChapterToo Many Lyrics

Everything goin sideways
I think I smell somethin rotten
Why they actin like I’m out here
lookin for a hand out
I don’t need a waste man
tellin me bout the plot
If you had the formula
you reachin down from the top
How the fuck does that add up
the math is a little off
Matta fact ya whole demeanor smell like
pussy no wash
And if that’s what it takes
to fade the camp fake talk
I won’t have no one to celebrate with
up at the top

Ya feel me
That’s that
They been askin bout a team
I been doin it fa ya’ll and
I been doin it fa me
Short of six months
Six projects all me
Let the work say it all
I brag differently

3e for life is what they
say from the dirt
Where the fuck they all at
when it come to the work
You fakers the entre
I sent it back cuz it burnt
This game a piece of cake
I’m sittin down for dessert

You hungry?

Too many bitches tryna rip me off
Too many bitches tryna get me off
Too many bitches tryna do me wrong
Too many riches for mw to give a fuck

Damn chap
how you change like that
The same six months
True love turned black
Everyone loved the drama
But who had my back
I was on the edge of suicide
Remember hearin that

The day I was gonna do it
Where were you at?
Cool period
get better fam
I trusted you homie
What the fuck was that
Oh you caught feelings
thinkin you lost a friend

I guess it’s all about you
And whatever you feel
All these rappers the same
If you strokin their ego
Family strong
until they get a free meal
Then it’s on to the nex one
Regardless what we been thru

It’s sinful
But I forgive you cuz
It is what it is
That’s what a Pitbull does
I’ll always look up to you though
That’s what made us us
Cuz you heartless and cold
and I wish that I was cuz there’s