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Too many late nights
No time for love
I gotta get right
So I do what I does
obsessed with 2 things
money and women
I had to let go
I Find solace in sinning

So I smoke too much
And I think about what’s next
I’m gettin to comfortable
In these seats on these jets

When was the last time
I really looked inside
I lost myself
Somewhere along the line

I Wish I Could Tell You What It’s Like
This Far Away From Home

I Wish I Could Tell You What It’s Like
This Far Away From Home

The rosé pours
Cups runneth over
She a stay all night
If I tell her come over

Every state that I’m in
Same bitch New faces
I’d rather not know you
Lets just keep it nameless

The accounts get ohs
And the girls get doubles
I’ve mixed up the champagne
and Jacuzzi bubbles

Look at the state we in
Livin the way the rest of em wish
But I still long for somethin
I just don’t know what it is

What can I say
I guess I asked fa this
That’s Nature of the game
I’m on one and ain’t half way in

Doors open and dresses fall
Ride at night The Coupe is topless
I’m alive but I’m still fallin
Maybe this life ain’t what I wanted

I’m out here and I’m all alone
I just want a place to call my home
I’m flyin back I’ll be there soon
Someone please leave a light on

I’m high right now in the worst way
I’m first class but the last to say it
What I’m lookin for ain’t on these wings
I just hope I find you on one of these trips

I’m comin home