Say It

Music By ChapterSay It Lyrics

How do I miss you when I don’t
know you at all
What are you doing to me I’m still not
ready to fall
Like I have all these questions
I feel like my backs against the wall
I don’t wanna rush right in
but I don’t wanna let you go
I forget what love feels like
I’ve been dis connected
And now my past is haunting me
This is never what I intended
But it’s right where I led it
So I guess I’m the only one to blame
for my own descent

This ain’t what I was meant for
Don’t wanna die alone
Don’t wanna live without the feeling
I get just thinkin bout
what it would feel like
to lay with you right now
Or maybe forever if that even counts

You gon watch me fuck this up right now
Cuz I’m lookin in your eyes and I’m lost right now
What is it about you I want right now
I wish I could read your mind right now

Baby it’s crazy I love you just say it
I can’t, no I won’t if I try hesitation
if I try hesitation
I love you just say it

How dare you come into my life and
blow it all into little pieces
I barely got it all back together
And in one night without reason

You show up with your cute eyes
Einstein bright mind
and the thighs I fantasize
about all these late nights

And I can’t help it I’m lost inside you
You did that to me without even Trying to
So I can’t imagine what you’d accomplish
if ya really put ya mind to it

I got half a mind to say good bye to you
Before time glues me to you

You have a power over me
I can’t lie to you girl
And if a life with me fits
Somewhere inside of your world
Then you might hear me say somethin
I might make you my girl
I might escalate this
and bring you into my world

But first