Only One

Music By ChapterOnly One Lyrics

I’m only one heart break away from fallin, fallin in love
I’m only one heart break away from fallin, fallin in love

She make me feel like a rock star
I chase her like a cop car
and lately I’ve been so far
Tryna hold it together
but I’m blowing it so far

She the main attraction but
usually anger is her main reaction
That’s why…
I remain a fraction of my whole self
and I have the same reaction
That’s wrong…
and I blame your actions
from the past
even though I said I’m passed it
I moved too fast
and you can lose the answer
Move too slow baby I’ll be movin passed ya like…

I don’t have no time
for you to fix yourself
and baby I’ve been trying
but I’m lying to myself

You and me are like a couple of kids
Hand full of liquor bottles mind full of gin
Late nights in the dark ya we know how to live
When its time then its time we still livin in sin

You know I want what I can’t have….
…I know you carry heavy hands
and You can’t hold that weight without
Repercussions baby somethin’s gotta give

Ya I got my luggage it might be heavy
So if you startin something make sure you’re ready
The ride is rough up and down baby
And I’m not the one that can stop the bleeding

cuz Hearts are meant to break that’s facts
In the end its all worth it I guess
If I’m not the one I’m not the only one
That sees the beauty in the pain of the aftermath