Heavy Heart

Music By ChapterHeavy Hearts Lyrics

I can’t keep doin six hours a night
This gon catch up to me if I’m not careful
I can’t keep doin this teenage fever
Every time I speak to you it’s painful

I feel like I’ve let em all down
I’m selfish I know it what goes around comes around
Out of everyone with they eyes on me
 I just wanna make my mom and dad proud

When my son looks up at me I just can’t help it
Inside I’m screaming I don’t know what to do
I fucked up the start of your life but
just gimme a chance to prove that
ill at least be good to you

Baby I’ll be good to you

My heart is so heavy at night
I feel like I want to die
But I can’t give up one you

I’m sorry I missed your call
And the text and the voicemail and messenger too
I’m just so caught up in puttin em on
That I don’t have time for the love and its 

bad oh I know it its bad for my head
But I smoke and it numb the pain 
Why am I sitting out here in the rain
I should be inside wherever its warmer 
the lights on the patio I feel at home
The night is so young I don’t wanna be alone
Tonight I feel like I’m still drowning
And I’m at home right now

Maybe I should just take a drink
Only one just enough to feel it 
It’s not enough to be the villain 
I gotta be the judge jury
and the executioner
with everything I’m feelin …..

believe me when I say I’m greedy

How many times have I though fuck it
Lemme just run from it
I’ve had enough of it
This time I’m done with em