Fall For You

Music By ChapterFall For You Lyrics

The way you smile when you look at me
I can see it in your eyes
I know you got trust issues baby
But I won’t tell you no lies
The way you touch me with your fingertips
You got me feelin so high
I’m fallin I’m fallin save my life

You gotta be careful girl cuz I might fall for you

Wait a minute girl one time for ya boy
I’m in an out the city cuz I fly by choice
I kinda get the feelin that you don’t like noise
But this loud got us up on cloud nine like Royce

I wanna take you with me but this life ain’t fa you
Ya I love it but its better when you slide thru
All alone in this crib and these lights low
You know I wanna call this late but I don’t 

………No I don’t
And you know that I wonder 
what you been up to
I’m just to fucked up
To ask if you want to

Talk to me baby
Tell me your secrets
Its just you and me
I promise I’ll keep it

Too bad that I’m leavin
The sun on the skyline
I say Good morning 
you say good evening

And I think that I might fall for you