Down Girl

Music By ChapterDown Girl

It’s gettin late
I should get your name
I’m all alone tonight
I should say something to you but I’m afraid

I might just say the wrong thing
Fuck up ya whole day
Cuz if you come home me
You won’t wanna leave 

We doin once in a life time
things twice a day
Don’t be mad about it 
I worked hard to live this way

It’s a little much to take
Kinda like… well..  you know
Enough about that  girl
we’ll get there when we get home

In mid song 
She gets on
My level

And we gon
The weed strong
It’s settled

I’m not thinkin bout tomorrow today 
I’ve been livin with ghosts I’m faded
One day soon the son gon shine
I just wanna make sure he get made

So I apologize if my mind seems little distant
I’m just tryna grant myself three wishes
Is the genie in this bottle or is he in the sixth
I can’t tell if I’m high girl or am I just lifted

The trick is forget shit as quick as I can
Only so many fucks to give girl so is you down

Ya the baggage heavy 
at least it’s on a flight
Flight attendant saw me
So I got a place tonight

It’s not my fault she love 
every one of my songs
She says I get her more 
than her boyfriend ever does

A rock and a hard place 
Her heart in the wrong lane
A star and a long night 
far from the home game

I might 
just stay in
The city cold

One life
To play with
Let’s roll

I’m a junkie for the night life
The darkness is home it’s
naked and flawed and 
love become hopeless 

Take me to cloud nine
I’m sailing on smoke and
You on the sideline
takin off my shirt but

My aim never waivers
I keep my eyes on the scope
Don’t play with the plans
I don’t take jokes

So before we take it further girl 
I just need to know
If I had a fuck to give 
Would you be down to roll