Chasing Eden

Music By ChapterChasing Eden (Lyrics)

I try
To keep it all in perspective
But these lines
Are blurring more than I expected
I’d be lying
If the money not incentive
in time
I will die with good intentions
I’m chasing Eden
The only way I’ll find it is if I die for it

There was a moment I knew
I’d do anything for you
Lying in the hospital bed
Watchin you slip away as I held you

Daddy you said
I wanna go home
That’s all I want baby baby
I won’t let you go

I’m sorry it took so long
for me to get to you
Daddy made mistakes
and now I’m payin for it here’s the truth

I never knew how selfish I was
until I looked in your eyes and thought what if I lost you
It’s getting harder every day
now that your mom been away
I can’t share you very well I want you all to myself

Waiting for the dust to finally settle
Waiting for the crying to stop
Wishin that I was more than this
Livin in the shadow of a man that’s almost god

I’m not enough
but I want to be
When the night comes I don’t wanna leave
Unconditional love is all I need
so I’m holding every word hostage
until the next time I see you

Already dead inside
Baby Please don’t cry
You gotta go I’ll see you soon
I don’t know when baby but
whatever it takes ima do it

that’s ok bitch just stand there and
watch my world slip away
Take the only thing that
matters to me I am not ok
I’m so alone I can’t believe you
took him all I do is pray
That in his eyes I’m still the one
He wants to be like every day