SINGLE: She Fallin'


LYRIC VIDEO: Chasing Eden

Never Never

Off #Diamonds

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This album contains 15 songs that include features with RedRook & M.E.J. Don't forget to add your favourites to your playlist!

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From #ChasingEden

Heavy Hearts

This album contains 15 songs only boasts a single feature with RedRook. Add your fav's to your playlist!

Fuck You Bitch

From The #LoveStory Project

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This was a double feature Album that included two different arrangements depending on how you feel about love right now. Enjoy the #Redhearts compilation if you find yourself longing for your lover. Choose the #Blackhearts Collection if your heart is full of hurt and in need of repair. This curation of almost 3 years of recording was the debut project for Chapter and carries several features including King Dylan and GQ Of The DC Show, Will Haze, Billy Bi$hop, M.E.J., and Mino Ceaz. 



Unreleased Interviews

A raw and uncut interview about my life that reveals who I am and where I came from. In these unreleased interviews I answer some deep questions that shed some light on just how complicated it has been for me to navigate the rough waters of love, friendship, family, and self.

What Is #LoveStory?

The first album I released on my own was a curation of music I had created over the duration of my love affair with someone who would change my life forever. These are the song's that tell the story of love in a way that will pull you into a whirlwind of love, deceit, desperation, and tragedy.

Who Is #LoveStory For?

#LoveStory is for anyone who had ever felt the ecstasy or suffering of true love.

#ChasingEden Prologue

Walk with me in the immersive audio visual experience that sets the stage and opens the curtain on my second solo project #ChasingEden

The #LoveStory Beginning

In this video I introduce the #LoveStory back story.

The #LoveStory Confessions

In this bonus video created for the love story project I go into detail about some of the things I struggled with when I had lost my wife to another man.

This is the Balloon Project.

In this short minidoc I release balloons through my hometown with pieces of my story attached to it. It was the only way I knew to let go of the pain and anguish I faced in losing "Happily Ever After".