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SINGLE: She Fallin'


LYRIC VIDEO: Chasing Eden

Never Never

Off #Diamonds

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This album contains 15 songs that include features with RedRook & M.E.J. Don't forget to add your favourites to your playlist!

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From #ChasingEden

Heavy Hearts

This album contains 15 songs only boasts a single feature with RedRook. Add your fav's to your playlist!

Fuck You Bitch

From The #LoveStory Project

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This was a double feature Album that included two different arrangements depending on how you feel about love right now. Enjoy the #Redhearts compilation if you find yourself longing for your lover. Choose the #Blackhearts Collection if your heart is full of hurt and in need of repair. This curation of almost 3 years of recording was the debut project for Chapter and carries several features including King Dylan and GQ Of The DC Show, Will Haze, Billy Bi$hop, M.E.J., and Mino Ceaz. 


Unreleased Interviews

A raw and uncut interview about my life that reveals who I am and where I came from. In these unreleased interviews I answer some deep questions that shed some light on just how complicated it has been for me to navigate the rough waters of love, friendship, family, and self.

What Is #LoveStory?

The first album I released on my own was a curation of music I had created over the duration of my love affair with someone who would change my life forever. These are the song's that tell the story of love in a way that will pull you into a whirlwind of love, deceit, desperation, and tragedy.

Who Is #LoveStory For?

#LoveStory is for anyone who had ever felt the ecstasy or suffering of true love.

#ChasingEden Prologue

Walk with me in the immersive audio visual experience that sets the stage and opens the curtain on my second solo project #ChasingEden

The #LoveStory Beginning

In this video I introduce the #LoveStory back story.

The #LoveStory Confessions

In this bonus video created for the love story project I go into detail about some of the things I struggled with when I had lost my wife to another man.

This is the Balloon Project.

In this short minidoc I release balloons through my hometown with pieces of my story attached to it. It was the only way I knew to let go of the pain and anguish I faced in losing "Happily Ever After".

Thank you for taking the time to come to my home base and check out my story! I am basically operating as a one man army right now so it really means a lot that you would spend this time with me and relate to what I've shared. If you haven't already, scroll to the top and hit that button to stream my latest because I have a collection of over 80 songs spread out over 4 separate projects for you to enjoy if you dig what you've heard here. Hit any of the icons below to follow what I'm up to on your choice of social's and if you ever want to chat hit the dm's anywhere and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can! I answer EVERY ONE of my messages so I really appreciate your patience while I take care of business!