That was painful… I was driving out of town. The morning sun was cutting through the windshield. I reached up to pull the visor down and a small scrap of paper fluttered into my lap. A gut wrenching twinge shot through my center. I unfolded it slowly. I knew what it was… I just wasnt ready to see it. You know how it is just before a car accident? Most times its fairly predictable. As its happening you have a fleeting moment to brace yourself. You can prepare for the inevitable impact so you don't get hurt… But not this time… Every once in a while an accident comes out of nowhere…. Catches you completely off guard. There is no terror, no preparation, no fear… Just impact. An incredible collisions when metal meets metal. Glass shattering and sprinkling across your face. Tires peeling across the asphalt. And then silence.You check your hands. Still there, legs, ok. You're numb from the adrenaline. Quickly assess the rest of the situation realizing that in this very moment you are completely alone. No one will help you, they're all preoccupied with the scene that is unfolding. Its just you and your animal instinct to survive. So you do. You step out of the wreck with your ears ringing and the sun burning. The fires and screams are so subdued that you barely notice them. You start walking, one step at a time. But you dont know where your going or why. You just have to go. Away. From the pain and the noise. Sit down. Breathe.#LoveStory #BlackHearts 2017.08.18