#LoveStory is based on real life events. The names and faces of the characters have been changed or disguised to protect the innocent. Any likeness or similarities are coincidental and do not reflect any one person. That being said… 🖕 you lieing, cheating, psychotic, two-faced, gold digging, stain of a character that everyone in the world has ever met. Bright side?… If someone's taking legal action on me because of my music I must be doin something right… And when the dust settles and my life right it'll all be worth it. So I guess, in a way, thank you. Thanks for giving me just the right motivation to chase my passion and follow my dreams. Thank you for abandoning me when I needed you the most. And thank you for showing me how strong I truly am in my heart. #LoveStory is for you. #BlackHearts is for me. #ChasingEden is for my son. Just wait until it all comes together.